In the News

Helen Osborne is often in the news. Here are some of her recent press, online, television, and radio appearances.

Health Literacy Month Gets a Boost from Payers (10/22/2014)

HealthLeaders Media has a wonderful article about health literacy and health plans, written by Christopher Cheney. Helen Osborne is quoted throughout. The article is "Health Literacy Month Gets a Boost from Payers." 

HuffPost Healthy Living (6/3/2013)

"Simple Tips for Creating Patient-Friendly Health Materials," by Erin Marcus MD. Helen Osborne is cited several times along with other health literacy experts.

Why Some Patients Aren't Following Your Instructions (5/29/2013)

"Why Some Patients Aren't Following Your Instructions," By Neil Chesanow, Medscape Today. Helen Osborne is quoted throughout this article about an epidemic of miscommunication. 

College & Undergraduate Libraries (4/2/2013)

"Information Literacy Beyond the Library. Health Literacy: A National Responsiblity - Our Brother's Keeper," by Lana Jackman. Based on an extensive interview with Helen Osborne about the current state of health literacy.